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Safety Inspections


Gas Safety Inspections

 It is a legal requirement that Gas Appliances are tested and inspected every 12 Months to ensure they are safe for use. Tranquil Homes & Services Ltd take these inspections very seriously as any fault on gas appliances can lead to CO2 emissions escaping which can have serious health issues, and sometimes can be fatal.

When an inspection is due, we pass tenants contact details on to a plumber who will contact the tenant to arrange to attend. It is important that the plumber can have access to test and inspect all appliances.

If for any reason the plumber is unable to make contact or arrange for access, an appointment will be arranged by letter which is Hand Delivered to the property. Keys will be provided to the plumber to enable them to gain access if appointments are not maintained and no contact has been received to re-arrange the appointment.

If the property has a token meter, this will need to be in credit to enable the tests to be carried out. If, when the plumber attends, their is no live gas supply, or they are unable to gain access for any reason, the supply to the property will be capped off and therefore tenants will be unable to use any gas appliances at the property until such time that the inspection and safety checks can be carried out.

 This is always used as a last resort option and will only be done in cases where we have been unable to contact Tenants, and appointments have not been attended.

If you have any questions or queries with regards to the testing of Gas Appliances further information can be found at www.gassaferegister.co.uk 

Electrical Inspections

 Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that the electrical supply at a rental property is safe for use, however their are currently no specific guidelines as to how often an electrical installation should be checked.

To ensure the safety of tenants, we ensure that an inspection is carried out at the commencement of each tenancy to ensure their are no faults, unless an inspection has already been carried out within the last 2 years. We will always provide a copy of an inspection report at the start of a tenancy, or pass your details on the the electrician so he can arrange to attend.